Saturday, April 21, 2007

What would you do

And don't say you'd shoot the hostage.

So, its 12:15, and the movers called us 30 minutes ago (45 minutes AFTER they were supposed to ARRIVE) saying that they were only going to arrive on Monday. Talk about a bind, right? Our car is packed and we have to leave today. Our shit is all over the house ready to go. Only noone is coming.

So what would you do? Goodness knows.

That is all.


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Jojo said...

So sorry to hear you guys are in a spot of bother with the move - been looking out for you online but guess that is the last thing you are thinking about!

Hope you found somewhere to leave your stuff and that you do manage to get things moved in the morning and when you get to BC that you find somewhere to put them into - a wonderful new clean cheap and cheery place to lay your heads.... Here's crossing all fingers and thumbs and doing a "goes smoothly" dance for you.

Thinking of you both - lots.

Love Jo and Allan xx


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