Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just a quick "Hi". We've been kind of distracted lately with loads of admin going on here. I've been studying like crazy, am writing a whole bunch of exams over the next few weeks and sometime between them we have to pack up and move to Vancouver. Excited like you can't believe about the Vancouver part, not so excited about the moving and packing.

Otherwise Moose Jaw has just welcomed three new young South African doctors, all seem really cool, and we're really annoyed that we couldn't have planned better, life would have been much better with some other young people around. Oh, well.

The weather won't make up its frikking mind. Its still way too cold, we were teased with a few days of temps in the teens, but now we're back in the minuses. Hurry up summer.

We didn't win the Saturday lottery.
We had kinder surprises for easter - yum.
I am getting really good at bejeweled.
And that is the sum of my boring, life while studying.
Bring on June.


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