Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're feeling a little better for the moment

Well, we've sorted out a few of our issues. Let's recap before we look at the solutions.

1. Our movers were late. 2 days late! The plan was to pack the our beetle to the roof and then, when the truck arrived, pack the rest of our junk on there. We just couldn't sit around for 2 days waiting for the truck to arrive. It would have been awesome if they could have phoned us, say, I don't know, BEFORE they were supposed to arrive.

So we packed our stuff, made nice with the landlady, and left. The movers assured us it would be fine. We'll find out on Monday, when they drop the stuff off, if the pickup went well.

2. The car ran away. Well, technically, I LET the car run away by pulling the hand-brake up only halfway. It shows JUST how flat the Prairies are. It was in the mountains just before the national park, and we'd stopped for a quick coffee. I came out and saw a car that looked EXACTLY like ours, off to the side and up the curd. Claire saw an empty parking spot. She freaked. Then I freaked. Then I sighed with relief when I noticed the run-away wasn't jammed into another car. Also there were no people under the wheels.

3. We got to a little town, and stopped for more coffee (we should learn that that's when bad stuff happens). I'll tell you what the name of the town is in just a second. So we sat down for a little softserve with our coffee and decided that because we were getting close, we should phone ahead and ask the our new landlady if we could move our stuff in that night.
"Oh, so you wanted it?": She asked. She'd rented it out to someone else. We were 120km from Abbotsford, with a car packed to the roof, and we had nowhere to live.
The town is called "Hope".

Needless to say, we had a bit of greyhair inducing stress. Well, I had hair-fallingout-inducing stress (as if I needed the help). But, we did our thing and now we have a place to move into on Monday and a place to stay for this week. In fact, we're in Vancouver for the week. This is our view:

Claire is, as I type, writing the first few parts of her assessments. I think I'm more nervous than her so excuse the sweaty typing (okay, she's pretty nervous too). Let me distract myself with some yummy pics from our trip here.

And Claire. Sitting somewhere that made us happy.
That is all.


At 3:43 AM, Anonymous Matt K said...


Well, you guys deserve some good luck now! I really hope things go more smoothly from here.

At least you got some great pics outta this whole shenanagin!

If you were a bit closer I'd offer some assistance, so for now my wit and snappy comments will have to do.



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